Guitar Hero controller installation Mac OS

Running the 0,08 driver in Mavericks. Also did a successful test install in Mac OS 10.8.

But later versions of the drivers don’t work.


1. download the following

2. If you need to un-install previous failed driver, what the video linked below for instructions. You will need to start a shell in terminal by typing:
sudo sh

Then drag the uninstaller file into terminal and run it. Note, you may need to make the .sh file executable by doing a: chmod +x on the file.

3. run the .dmg file for version .08 of installer

4. drag the controller list file into the controller list installer app (enter admin password twice)

5  restart computer

6. Plug in Guitar Hero controller. It should show up in system preferences xbox 360

Helpful hints from a previous post

The above video was the key to doing a nearly impossible install. Here is the text from the Youtube info just in case the video disappears…

Uploaded by  on Feb 12, 2012

A tutorial on installing the Tattiebogle v0.08 drivers on Osx Lion
Controller list installer
Controller list
UnTattie – Uninstaller
0.08 version of TattieBogle drivers that will overwrite other versions
(May or may not work)

Tattiebogle’s page for getting v0.08

Link to the forums containing tons of help on getting these drivers running right!…

Location of the files for manual deletion.



And this last one may or may not be there but make sure and check just incase.

Here’s also another video I made teaching how to update the .plist yourself so assure you’re controller is compatible.

It’s also good to note that it may help if after you run the uninstaller and/or manually delete the file that you do a secure trash empty with can be done from the desktop if you click Finder at the top there should be an “Empty Trash” and a “Secure Empty Trash” BE WARNED THOUGH this will permanently delete the files in your trash bin!

a Max patch

Fretbuzz by the guitarzeroes: