Jitter OpenGL to 3d printer?

update 6/2014: This patch seems to be broken. Christopher Konopka is actively working on setting up a process to 3d print OpenGL objects – based on the work described below. Stay tuned…

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Look near the end of this thread for patch that exports jit.gl stuff?…


I tried out the following patch, from the thread and it creates an export file which can be imported into mesh lab. The patch name is saveashape.maxpat

[note] I think this was saved on a windows machine – can’t find the local instance of it as of 12/2013

Btw., this google search finds some very cool projects: max/msp jitter “3d printer”

open GL 3d printing in windows…


Podcast test

Bowling Night…

I set up an example blog for podcasting at wordpress.com. The media files are on my server (zerokidz) because you can’t upload mp3’s to wordpress.com without a space upgrade.

feed: http://bowlingnight.wordpress.com/category/podcast/feed

This is what you would copy into iTunes (file | subscribe to podcast) to make it work:


Note that the url contains the category: podcast, and the word  ‘feed’.

Its probably worth trying to run the feed through feedburner as well. Apparently they are set up to handle more of the meta data.

Max searchtweets external

6/2014 another update. version 1.1b works!


update: this probably doesn’t work anymore due to Oauth API changes. Look at Internet Sensors project for better methods]

searches twitter with string and returns hits…


This forum entry also helpful