Month: May 2013

M-Audio Keystation 49e – setting Midi thru


Due to network restrictions at school, we are using Midi to connect Max/MSP between two laptops. The USB input from a keystation 49e is plugged into the sender. A midi to USB adapter is plugged from the MIDI (din) output of the keystation to the USB of the receiver computer.

See this (local) example patch to receive and translate data: tkzic/max teaching examples/midi-note-receiver

instructions to set midi thru mode:

On the back of the keyboard you find the MIDI output port, which you can connect to an external sound module or MIDI keyboard. By default (when you switch the unit on), all controller data is sent out via the MIDI output as well as the USB out If you want the MIDI output to act like a traditional USB-to-MIDI interface, engage “MIDI Out from USB” mode by carrying out the following instructions:

  • Press the Advanced Functions button to get the keyboard into Edit Mode.
  • Press the black key above D2 (named D# 2), representing “MIDI OUT FROM USB.”
  • Edit Mode will finish.
  • The keyboard is now able to send data received from the computer out of its MIDI OUT jack to whatever device is connected.
  • You need to select the Keystation 49e USB MIDI Out as the MIDI output device in your sequencer to use the MIDI output