libpd, Leap Motion, and Osc, in Openframeworks

On Mac OS 10.8 using Xcode 5, and openframeworks version 8

  1. Install and test openframeworks from 
  2. Install and test libpd (you should be able to run the example programs)
  3. Install and test leap motion  (you should be able to run the example programs)
  4. Install Pd (I installed pd-extended, even though this project is limitied to Pd ‘vanilla’)

Note: The Osc addon is already provided with openframeworks distribution. At this point you have everything you need to run the test example.

  • Download the project:
  • Copy the leapPdTest5 folder into the ofx8/addons/ofxLeapMotion folder
  • Launch the xcode project: leapPdTest5.xcodeproj
  • plug in a leap and turn up the volume
  • Compile and run (you may need to compile the openframeworks scheme first)



Convolution for the masses

HISSTools Impulse Response Toolbox in Max

By Alex Harker


See this post on the Pd site by Julian Brooks:

After the successful realisation of the [ipoke~] port that we recently
undertook I would like to ask if anyone would be up for some more?

This time it would be porting the HISSTools Impulse Response Toolbox.

Some (cut & pasted) bumff:
"HISSTools first release is a set of tools for working with convolution and
impulse responses in MaxMSP. This set of objects addresses various tasks,
including measuring impulse responses, spectral display from realtime data/
buffers, and buffer-based convolution, deconvolution and inversion."

About HISS here:
<a href=""></a>

HISSTools 2012 ICMC paper and link to the Max d/l here:
<a href=""></a>

Some chat on the max-list:
<a href=""></a>

Port is 3-clause-BSD.

Last time was genuinely a fantastic example of collaborative working I
thought, and a great example of our FLOSS community in action (I'm sure
there's a paper in there for someone): good people with the appropriate
skills creating super-tight code without ego or conflict.  Ace.

Big props to Matt Barber, Alex Harker, Charles (Chuck) Henry, P.A. Tremblay
and especially Katja Vetter.

Really hope some of the above have the energy to get into this again but
this is an open call for anyone who has the time and interest in
contributing to make it happen.

All good wishes,