libpd, Leap Motion, and Osc, in Openframeworks

On Mac OS 10.8 using Xcode 5, and openframeworks version 8

  1. Install and test openframeworks from 
  2. Install and test libpd (you should be able to run the example programs)
  3. Install and test leap motion  (you should be able to run the example programs)
  4. Install Pd (I installed pd-extended, even though this project is limitied to Pd ‘vanilla’)

Note: The Osc addon is already provided with openframeworks distribution. At this point you have everything you need to run the test example.

  • Download the project:
  • Copy the leapPdTest5 folder into the ofx8/addons/ofxLeapMotion folder
  • Launch the xcode project: leapPdTest5.xcodeproj
  • plug in a leap and turn up the volume
  • Compile and run (you may need to compile the openframeworks scheme first)