Ableton Live looping project

Current local version is in tkzic/van project/van47g key9d.als


  • Using Korg nanoKontrol instead of foot pedals (actually either will work) – see map below
  • Now works with any audio interface
  • Mic input for channel 9 is fed to output to use as direct live monitor

Essentially it now works with a minimal amount of external hardware.


Backed up the midiStroke config file in its current state. The file is located at: /Users/tkzic/Library/Application Support/midiStroke/midiStroke.cdcmidistroke. Backups will be kept in the same folder.

nanoKontrol map

Scene 1
Top row of buttons
  1. up
  2. down
  3. left
  4. right
  5. stop all clips
  6. delete
  7. finish recording and arm track to the right (enter/right/enter)
  8. record start/stop (enter)
  9. launch scene in current row and move cursor to track 5
bottom row of buttons
  1. unassigned…

Correspond to track levels 1-9

  1. Master level
  2. unassigned…

what’s next

  • Make a lightweight template version (without all of Van’s music) – that can be used for new projects
  • set up with Launchpad to do fx processing
  • Midi version – or midi tracks?