Guitar Hero in Max

Updated: 5/2014


The fretbuz_v0.2 files are on github:


May need to get the PeRcolate_06 library?


See this post:


This patch (buzz_360) has issues, but it shows how to use and calibrate a Guitar Hero guitar controller in Max/MSP.

Use /guitarhero/buzz_360_tz3 version

There’s no way to make this work clean for a demo without taking apart the whole button driver patch (buzz_setup_360) and it has some serious max6 compatibility issues. So it just needs to be calibrated everytime for now.

Use the GRY mode for a demo…

Before using patch, restart Max.

Works in Max6 – need to calibrate first, don’t worry about tilt and whammy for this app but you need to calibrate them first anyway by pressing the X toggle, tilt, then unpress, or it wont work. when you calibrate the buttons, the X toggle should disappear. then save and untoggle the config box.

Cool modes: (guitar)

To set a mode,

  • hold “back” button
  • then hold down the color code keys (for example, RY means “red and yellow”)
  • then release “back” button


  • RY – solo mode – hold down frets and twiddle
  • GRY – 2 hand tap mode – orange does major 3rd up shift – holding flipper down does one button thing – my favorite!
  • GB – uses tilt sensor
  • also Y – power chords