Pandorabots API

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Looking into using an API to communicate with chatbots

Here is info from pandorabots FAQ:

Chomsky bot id: botid=b0dafd24ee35a477

H.2 Is there an API allowing other programs to talk to a Pandorabot?

Pandorabots has an API called XML-RPC that you can use to connect third-party software to our server. The XML-RPC has been used to connect Pandorabots to a wide variety of third-party applications, including Mified, mIRC, Second Life and Flash.

You may interact with Pandorabots as a webservice. Pandorabots offers consulting services supporting arbitrary web services for premium services customers. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

A client can interact with a Pandorabot by POST’ing to:

The form variables the client needs to POST are:

  • botid – see H.1 above.
  • input – what you want said to the bot.
  • custid – an ID to track the conversation with a particular customer. This variable is optional. If you don’t send a value Pandorabots will return a custid attribute value in the <result> element of the returned XML. Use this in subsequent POST’s to continue a conversation.

This will give a text/xml response. For example:

<result status="0" botid="c49b63239e34d1d5" custid="d2228e2eee12d255">
  <that>Hi there!</that>

The <input> and <that> elements are named after the corresponding AIML elements for bot input and last response. If there is an error,status will be non-zero and there will be a human readable <message> element included describing the error. For example:

<result status="1" custid="d2228e2eee12d255">
  <message>Missing botid</message>

Note that the values POST’d need to be form-urlencoded.


Here are two examples I just got to work using curl

curl -X POST  --data "botid=b0dafd24ee35a477&input=hello"

curl -X POST  --data "botid=b0dafd24ee35a477&input=Where are you?"
Here is the result for the second question
<result status="0" botid="b0dafd24ee35a477" custid="b3422b612633ac87"><input>Where are you?</input><that>I am in the computer at</that></result>