Leap Motion collision detection and state change

Collision detection and state change with Leap Motion and Max/MSP.

Second version adding musical finger-painting during the state change.

The 3rd version features a “lack of hand motion” detector which, along with collision detection, fades sounds and triggers state changes.

The non-activity detector is from a Max patch by Mattyo. The spectral filter is from a Max patch by Katja Vetter. In the filter the X,Y, and Z position of hands control number-of-bands, position, and peak width.


Local files:

For videos 1&2:

tkzic/max teaching examples/

  • leap-object-match2.maxpat
  • leapfinger4.maxpat
For video #3:
  • leap-dot-piano3.maxpat
  • leapfinger4.maxpat