music production demo projects

Current Ableton Live example projects for Music Production course at Gould Academy. Eventually these will all be student projects.

Brooks Layman – remixes (Fall trimester 2012)

Seven Nation Army

Saxophone Loop thing

Several versions  on the black macbook – the recent files menu should give a clue.

Some notes about an unfinished version…

Kinect Air Piano adapted from Ryan Challinor

Example of playing a Midi Instrument using Kinect sensor


  • Ableton Live
  • Max for Live
  • Kinect
  • Synapse

File Location: kinect/myLiveSets/lefthandpiano Project/leftHandPiano.als

Use left hand to play a few piano notes by horizontal movement

Dubkinect by Ryan Challinor

Example of playing a Midi Instrument using Kinect sensor


  • Ableton Live
  • Max for Live
  • Kinect
  • Synapse

Location: kinect/synapse examples/dubkinect Project/dubkinect.als

More information about Synapse and Ryan Challinor:


It tracks lots of joints, but to start, place hands together above head and pull apart quickly, then use left arm (vertical) for volume, right hand horizontal for wobble, right hand vertical for pitch, and so on.

“Shining Star” (slice to midi)

How to warp an entire song, then make it into a keyboard sampler by using slice to midi and applying it to a sampler or simpler device

file: ableton teaching projects/shining star Project

Singing Dunes

Simulation of the eerie sounds of shifting sand dunes using Analog and Operator synthesizers.

file: ableton teaching projects/singing dunes project

Call Me Maybe remix set

Examples of setting up beats and melodies to do a remix

file: ableton teaching projects/jepsen2/test1 Project/callMeMaybe3.als

takes a while to load up… This was one of my first attempts to use Ableton to do something like this and now in retrospect, this sounds a bit lame, or tame.


Clip envelopes

project notes

Also check out this example of using grain/warp stretches in this same project folder

file: ableton teaching projects/jepsen2/test1 Project/callMeMaybe3.als

animal beat

example of making a beat with animal sound effects

file: ableton teaching projects/animal beat 1 Project

gangnam style

example of how to make the synth bass riff for “Gangnam Style” – includes, side chaining compressor.

file: ableton teaching projects/basic beat thing Project/g3.als

without side chaining:

file: ableton teaching projects/basic beat thing Project/gangnam style.als

Infinite Gangnam Style

How to make Gangnam style bass with Sylenth

peas morph

An example of remixing by transposing samples in a Black Eyed Peas song

file: ableton teaching projects/basic beat thing Project/peas morph.als

Foster The People (warp and remix by adding drum machine)

“Call it What you Want” by Foster the People – warped and then combined with a drum machine beat

file: ableton teaching projects/basic beat thing Project/call it what you want example.als

Another jazzy example:

file: ableton teaching projects/basic beat thing Project/sunny side.als

 bieber fills

Example of how to slow down an entire track by loading into sample and using pitch bend

file: ableton teaching projects/basic beat thing Project/bieber-fills.als

Notes: Ableton – special effects, slowing down the master track

An interesting cover: dirty loops “Baby”

dummy clips field recorder (and launchpad)

What happens when you apply a set of envelopes and effects to some random source, like a band warming up or an orchestra tuning?

file: ableton teaching projects/dummy clips example Project/dummy clips band recorder 11-08.als

A dummy clip is actually an empty audio clip which contains some kind of processing – so what ever gets routed through it is processed as if it were the clip inside of it. This allows you to automation on various samples without hardcoding the automation into the track.

Read notes carefully before trying to use this

notes: Ableton dummy clips field recorder

An example using above set and jamming it with launchpad:

Band Rehearsal Remix

More notes on dummy clips to do fades or select a path in an effects rack

Ableton – using dummy clips

making beats

A quick example of beatgridding plus effects

file: ableton teaching projects/makingBeatsAbletonLesson Project

multitrack recording

A very rough example of some audio recording mixed with Midi tracks

file: ableton teaching projects/multitrack recording arrangement Project

obama vocoder example

How to modulate a synthesizer with spoken word.

file: ableton teaching projects/obama vocoder example project

Ableton vocoder example and tutorials

sound fx beat

Using annoying sound fx to create a drum beat

file: ableton teaching projects/sound fx beat Project

sununu project

Using Ableton to edit a news program

file: ableton teaching projects/sununu project

twitter vote

Play different midi notes based on twitter feed.

Uses ‘processing’ to grab twitter information and send it to Max for Live using OSC messages. There is a multiplexer receiver which gets all the twitter messages, then breaks them out by sending them to separate UDP ports for each midi “channel” since Live doesn’t allow multiple midi channels per track.

NOTE: to make this work you need to change the midi channels in the m4l twitter recv devices so they are different for each track you insert them in. It works with up to 3 channels

file: file: ableton teaching projects/vote Project

processing file:

file: documents/processing/osc_max_testing

This processing file is basically the same code as the mood lamp. But I changed the hashtag to #gop so it would keep working.