Griffin Powermate as Midi controller

Solves focus problem.


By Johannes Hoffman

I used this method as an alternative frequency controller for the remote radio project. It uses Applescript and Midi-pipe

The left and right encoder values are assigned to MIDI control messages.

update 2022/10/18

Implemented on Mac OS Monterrey (M1)

Downloaded most recent drivers from

Implemented Applescript/Midipipe as described above. Had to make a few mods to get both CCW and CW motion working and change name of IAC driver in Midipipe script.

Local scripts in tkzic/griffin powermate scripts/

Applescripts entered using applescript editor app. Links to the applescripts should be entered in the which sometimes only appears visible in the top bar after a reboot.

To start:

  • run (if not automatically started on login)
  • run powermate2midi.mipi (this is midipipe)
  • you should be able to read cc messages now from iac driver 1
  • example max program: max teaching examples/griffin powermate test.maxpat