ep-341 Max/MSP – Spring 2015 week 7

The Live Object Model in Max for Live.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 12.43.39 PM

Several ways of working with Ableton Live parameters in a M4L patch. (This is an improved version of the patch we built in class) https://reactivemusic.net/?p=18401

The Live Object Model description: https://cycling74.com/docs/max5/refpages/m4l-ref/m4l_live_object_model.html

In the coming weeks we will build synthesizers and work with control surfaces in M4L


Build 3 or more M4L devices, including one of each of the following

  • An audio effect
  • An instrument
  • A Midi effect

Its ok to adapt and “improve” an existing device.

Please bring in your work in progress for next week and be prepared to demonstrate something. The entire assignment will not be due until March 31.