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SecretSpot update

Version 1.1 update to SecretSpot now available in the iOS app store.


SecretSpot was written in 2011 as a webApp using SenchaTouch 1.0 and Phonegap 0.94. Both of these frameworks have evolved to the point that the original code is no longer workable. With iOS 6, the app version of secretSpot broke. Audio was only triggering with every other touch.

Instead of upgrading javascript code, I made a few changes to the phonegap library so it would compile in iOS 7, then added new icons and splash screen files – and resubmitted the app.

One change was to alter the way that launch images get loaded during webView initialization, to prevent annoying white flashes. This version also does an extra load of the launch image – instead of just going to a black background while the webView is loading. If this ends up being too slow, then it may be better to go directly black background following initial launch image. See this post: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2531621/iphone-uiwebview-inital-white-view


The native app runs only in portrait orientation. This is something the app has had problems with before. Something has changed in the process of detecting current orientation. Its likely to be a Phonegap issue as the Web app version works fine.

I may have a look at this  bug – and apply updates to the Blob app as well. But the real solution is to upgrade to current versions of the frameworks.


This is more a documentation thing: If you don’t touch the canvas when the app starts, then there will be no sound unless you restart the app.


notes for Berklee EPD presentation 4/30/2014

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