Send Tweets with a Little Tikes piano

This project uses the Max fzero~ object to detect which key of the piano gets pressed and send a pre-written Tweet like “Signs point to yellow” based on the color of the key.

It works with the Internet sensors project that sends Tweets from Max using Ruby.


folder: twitter-ruby


  1. Follow instructions here to send Tweets using Max and Ruby:
  2. At this point you will have a Max patch open and a Ruby server running in a terminal window.
  3. Now open little-tikes.maxpat
  4. Carefully play individual tones on the Little Tikes piano. 


fzero~ is probably not the best choice for this. It doesn’t work above 2500hz which means it won’t probably distinguish between the lowest and highest key which are an octave apart. In fact the Little-Tikes piano, for a pitched instrument, is difficult to analyze. Due to relatively equal weight of partials to fundamental, and the quick decay. Other choices, would be pitch~ (Jehan) fiddle~ (Pucket…)

I remember seeing an Arduino project where somebody did this in reverse – actually built a motorized striker to play the piano)

… insert link to video here…