How to use IFTTT from Max

IFTTT Twitter triggers are back!

Update – 5/20/2014 –

IFTTT has restored Twitter triggers. By using a Max Twitter client: you can now connect Max with IFTTT

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A possibility with curl

A few notes…

It doesn’t appear that IFTTT has a public API.

One method would be to use intermediaries for example – sending email using php (see this post Then IFTTT could pick up the trigger – for example, from gmail. Commands could be embedded in the subject or body of message.

Or you could simply use Twitter as the intermediary – using existing internet sensors methods: (see this post:

Would this work in reverse?

Other methods:

temboo: The temboo API should be accessible via Max using a ruby server. Temboo has many common points of interaction with IFTTT

mashape: I think the same applies as with temboo.

Marcus Povey describes a workaround using web hooks:

Another idea:

Or what about Zapier

Here’s an article about IFTTT Twitter triggers: