How to change Twitter trigger with Xively to use Zapier


This method was used to fix the tweetcurl series of Max patches and anything else which uses Tom Igoe’s method of sending tweets from Arduino via cosm. (old method)

The automatic twitter trigger used in the “internet sensors” project via cosm, stopped working when cosm migrated to But it works correctly from a device (or Max) to xively. So you don’t need to change anything except the xively trigger associated with the feed.

The fix is to go into your xively feed (legacy feed) delete the existing trigger and set up a new trigger using zapier – using the instructions in this tutorial.


  • You will need to sign up for a free zapier account
  • the text value of the tweet for zapier is called “body trigger datastream value value”
  • limited to 10 tweets per hour
  • when you select Twitter as an action in zapier, it will attempt to log you in to do the oauth authentication. If you are already logged into Twitter – make sure its the correct account.

If you really want to send Tweets from Max, check out the Twitter client that uses ruby: