ipadOscMidi app with Max patch

Have set up a Github repository for the ipadOscMidi simulator app: https://github.com/tkzic/ipadoscmidi

There is also a companion Max patch for testing

Here is the README file for the project:

March 4, 2013
version 1.0

This program is a simulator to test Midi and Osc communication in iOS. There is a companion Max/MSP patch in the archive (oscmiditest3.maxpat). The Max patch lets you control the user interface on the iPad. And it well display incoming messages from the iPad.

I have only tested the default iOS midi networking devices via Mac OS, and an iRig Midi interface. 

This is the only documentation right now - but there are big plans, yeah, for a programming guide, and a free app store app, along the lines of audioGraph.

I wanted to get this initial version out before the spacecraft lands in the backyard.


The Midi code was derived from PGMidi by Pete Goodliffe
The Osc code was derived from OscPack by Ross Bencina

Thank you.

Tom Zicarelli
[email protected]


Local Project files are in: tkzic/oscapps/ipadmiditest4

I made the update described here for iOS 6 compatibility: