Twitter search in Max

Here’s a basic pattern:

  1. Send search string to Twitter
  2. Get JSON result
  3. Parse result and do something with it.

From Max, there are many ways to do this:

searchtweet – mxj, twitter4j

by Gokce Kinayoglu

This patch demonstrates the Twitter search API. Its self contained within Max – using the [mxj search tweet] external. This object allows you to input

  •  keyword
  • maximum number of results

The response is:

  • username
  • Tweet text
  • date/time

This patch is a great way to get Tweets into Max. You can use a [metro] object to poll the API. There are no additional programs running outside of Max. 

The limitation is lack of flexibility. You don’t have access to any of the other parameters in the request response. For example, geographic data. Also, it can be difficult to install and maintain java [mxj] programs in Max.

Here’s a screenshot of a patch which takes the output of the above patch and sends it to the aka.speech object – which runs the Mac Os built in text-to-speech program