Raspberry-Pi FX pedal

Running in Pure Data

(update) Tried this with guitarist John Drew today (2/26/2012). We ran the guitar directly into the iMic (switched to microphone, not line) and the output of iMic into an amplifier. The R-Pi was plugged into to wifi router with an Ethernet cable, so we could use touchOsc to control the delay parameters. It sounded great.

We talked about the possibility of making this into a ‘product’. One idea would be to ditch the Osc controls and build a simple hardware interface – some encoders, switches, and LED’s. You could map everything in PD and download new patches using an ethernet cable or a usb wifi connection – or even some kind of serial/usb link.

Yesterday I programmed a simple variable delay effect in pd to run on Raspberry-Pi. Control was using touchOSC as described in previous posts. I ran the effect in mono at 32k sampling rate – and it sounded great. Also its using the Griffin iMic for sound.

Here’s the command line to set the sample rate and number of channels:

pd-extended -r 32000 -nogui -channels 1 delay-effect-osc.pd


Local files: