MIDI wireless options

A thought exercise – to come up with various ways of making wireless Midi systems based on projects I’ve already done.

  • any combination of iOS and MacOS devices
  • use touchOSC with above setup
  • Arduino + ethernet shield to wifi router to touchOSC
  • Same as above but using wifi bridge to connect to router*
  • Arduino + wifi shield via UDP*
  • Arduino + wireless SD + xbee to same – one end connected to mac OS device
  • IR emitter/detector pair*
  • Arduino + wireless SD + WiFly rn-xv via UDP*
  • bluetooth* (here’s an app called bluemidi http://www.iosmusician.com/category/bluetooth-midi-on-ios
  • modulated laser pointer and solar panel*
  • convert to audio then use any audio transmission method and convert back to midi*
  • Use RTTY with ham radio*
  • cell phone*

* indicates method not tried yet.