ep-426 Interactive video – Spring 2015 week 3

The matrix

(under construction)


Review of Jitter tutorials:

tutorial 1: play a Quicktime movie
  • bang sends a matrix (once)
  • jit.fpsgui for debugging
  • How would you play a movie play backwards?
tutorial 2: build a single plane matrix
  • Anything can be transformed into a matrix
  • Create a matrix, row by row, using math (p fillmatrix)
  • How to get and set individual cells in a matrix
  • jit.matrix
  • How would you make pixel art? a drawing program? a spectrum display?
  • A lot of specialized Jitter objects are abstractions that do what this tutorial demonstrates – i.e.., building or transforming the planes of a matrix
tutorial 3:  math operations on entire matrix/plane
  • @op (is an attribute) : was it good design in Max to have both messages and attributes?
  • scalar, vector
  • pass
  • integer/float
  • What happens in a jit.pwindow with display size smaller than the matrix?
  • upsampling/downsampling
tutorial 4:  movie playback.
  • jit.qt.movie will play back URL’s (audio and images) – but you can’t work with the sound in Max without Soundflower
  • scrubbing and looping produces interesting fx
  • hardware controllers
tutorial 5: ARGBI
  • Rearranging planes
  • 8 bit char data type 0-255
  • line object (grain size)
tutorial 6 : color
  • scalebias:  normalized 0.->1. values, not with 0-255 values (look at the subpatcher)
  • planemap attribute for jit.matrix
tutorial 7: hue and BRCOSA
  • 2 very different ways of transforming (i.e., filtering) color and light
  • Why do we seen green with emphasis and detail?
  • hue angle is a way of gradually shifting around the color wheel.
tutorial 8: simple mixing
  • jit.xfade
  • line object
tutorial 9 – more mixing
  • Using various operators to transition, with jit.op, and using jit.scalebias to scale the input values to prevent clipping
tutorial 10 – chromakey
  • doesn’t need to be green.
  • Could you do a performance where you paste yourself into a band video.
  • napoleon dynamite
  • actual green screen


Max 7 lessons review

  • fantastic sounds
  • RGB music
  • geometric dreams

State of the art:



Design a project that will be due at the mid-term. Send me an email next week describing the project.

Continue working through the Jitter tutorials 4-12

Design a prototype of a synthesizer that generates accompaniment for animated GIF’s


There will be no class next week February 10th


Andrew Benson’s Jitter recipes: https://cycling74.com/search-results/#gsc.tab=0&gsc.q=jitter%20recipes

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