ep-341 Max/MSP – Spring 2015 week 1

Programming interactive audio software and plugins in Max/MSP

Syllabus: https://reactivemusic.net/?p=18206


  • Making prototypes
  • Connecting things
  • Building tools
  • Design
  • Reverse engineering
  • DSP, plugins
  • Video and computer graphics
  • Experiments



leap motion
midi osc thing / chat
frame subtraction
voice cancellation thing
max for live – granulator or convolution reverb

show basics of max
make a spectrum analyzer
make a pitch detector tweet thing


Read Max tutorials 1-4
  • Hello
  • Bang!
  • Numbers and Lists
  • Metro and Toggle
Build a control panel that does nothing

in Max. It should look amazing. It should be the coolest control panel you can imagine. Use any objects, colors, shapes that you can find. But… it shouldn’t actually control anything.

Be ready to show it in class next week.

Do at least two of the built-in lessons in Max 7

Pick any two.