Blob update

Version 1.1 update to Blob now available in the iOS App store.

Blob (by Bjorn Lindberg)  was converted in 2011 to run as a webApp using SenchaTouch 1.0 and Phonegap 0.94. Both of these frameworks have evolved to the point that the original code is no longer workable.

Here is an update to the Web app version:


  • Updated Sencha Touch containers and html canvas setup to same methods used in SecretSpot.
  • Improved algorithm for setting width/height of Blob window based on actual window dimensions – this makes it run better as a Web app on a desktop computer.
  • In process of updating icons and launch screens for Apple requirements.
  • screen size issues resolved by setting as universal app, and migrating launch images to asset manager – in Xcode –  and removing the status bar with settings in the plist file.
  • Lots of small things needed to upgrade to iOS 7.


Like SecretSpot, The native app runs only in portrait orientation.


After this update has been submitted to Apple, I will try to convert it to run in current versions of Sencha Touch and Phonegap. There is relatively small amount of Sencha code in the app: A main window, toolbar, canvas window,  and a few customized buttons.