Month: October 2013

Luke Dubois

A more perfect union – This map shows most frequent words used in computer dating profiles in Boston area.

Billboard – 50 years of pop music sonically averaged

Play – montage of faces of Playboy playmates, over the years, positioned so the eyes are always in the same location

Pop Icon Britney – Same idea as above with Britney Spears

Luke’s website: – check out Bioluminescence, Hard Data, Missed Connections, and many more.


semi-reversible ways to transform a signal

  • modulation: AM, FM, SSB -> demodulation AM, FM, SSB
  • FFT -> IFFT (use Max [fft~] and [ifft~] objects)
  • inverse -> inverse (phase cancellation)
  • reciprocal [!/~ 1] -> reciprocal (big difference in sound)
  • frequency shifting -> frequency shifting (use Max [freqshift~] object)
  • add constant to amplitude -> subtract constant from amplitude
  • DAC -> ADC
  • lossless encoding -> decoding (FLAC)
  • lossy encoding -> decoding (mp3)
  • packetize -> unpactetize
  • send stream -> receive stream


ep-3xx41 Max – week 9

Max For Live

  • We had to abandon the Max For Live demo because of technical issues


Examples of sound logos:

Assignment: Synopsis

Write a very short composition or sound logo based on a synopsis of a movie, tv show, or product in City Shopper* – For example:

  • “A sheriff and deputy try to rid their town of thugs”
  • “An evil doll and its mate seek human form”
  • “Stewie looks into his future”
  • “National Aviation Academy: training aviation professionals since 1932”
Use Max For Live device(s) that you have designed or modified.
*You can use an alternate source. For example, write a composition for a product or film that you are trying to promote – As long as you can describe that product in one sentence.
Extra Credit: Perform the music using a controller that works with a Max For Live device.
Due on November 25.

ep-4xx13 DSP – week 8





  • a modem in Max


Choose an idea for project. We will work on this over the next 3-4 weeks. Several of you have asked about designing interactive projects involving sonification, Internet API’s, environmental sensors, interactive art etc., Lets do it. Write a short description of what you would like to do and email it to me before next week’s class.