Various methods of separating foreground from background.

Making Connections, Camera data (Max)

By Andrew Benson 

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 3.43.57 PM


By Jean-Marc Pelletier


Extract edge pixels from a binary image


Isolate a single connected component from a binary image

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(a sock-monkey)

Kinect (depth camera)


by Ryan Challinor

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 4.08.17 PM

(Using jit.synapse from: – Can you find the sock monkey?)

See yourself in Code

“Commissioned for the BBC’s make it digital event, the brief was ‘to get children into code’. My installation downloaded the event’s twitter feed in real time and displayed the page’s body text inside the bodies of passing people. Moving their hands around allowed people to scroll through the html/js/CSS.”

By Robin Price



This project uses:

  • maxurl
  • jit.openni
  • kinect

Synapse for Kinect

Osc interface for Max and Ableton Live

By Ryan Challinor

Synapse is an open source skeleton driver that sends out skeleton data via OSC. The data can then be processed in Max or M4L. There are interesting M4L devices available  in a set called dubkinect that demonstrates body movement controlling Midi devices and triggering clips.

Using this technique today I was able to create a 3D air piano. You can send the Kinect data from Synapse into QuartzComposer at the same time you are doing the M4L audio program.

The Beat Wheel (by Ryan Challinor) :


Note: the code crashed in Max6 but worked fine in Max5 on this 30th of July…

(Edit 9/24/2012) Just started looking at the patch for beatWheel – need to parse out the hand movement stuff and also look at the Max for Live dubkinect stuff to get a better sense of what the OSC commands are and the data range for various movements.