HISS impulse response tutorials


From Pierre Alex Tremblay – 2 videos demonstrating how to create an IR using HISS tools


Link to the paper which is not a photograph of the pages from the journal


[update 1/2014]

Here’s the Max Patch from the video – from this C74 forum thread: http://cycling74.com/forums/topic/a-quick-tutorial-video-on-how-to-create-an-impulse-response/

the local file is: tkzic/max teaching examples/impulse-response-rodrigo-vid.maxpat

Ok, I must be living under a rock. Did not realize this stuff was in Live 9.

This tutorial explains how to use Live convolution reverb effect, as well as the IR measurement tool. The measurement tool lets you record impulse responses using a sine spectrum sweep. Essentially these are the Alex Harker Max tools made into M4L devices.