ep-3xx41 Max – week 6

Communicating with the outside world



OSC chat program – note: forgot to save this but it is essentially just two or more computers using [udpsend] and [udpreceive] to send text messages back and forth

  • OSC
  • updpsend, udpreceive
  • serial
  • externals
  • terminal
  • curl
  • API’s
  • print, message object right inlet
  • Max window
  • attrui
  • clippings
  • prototypes
Useful things to know
  • Pasting patches from the c74 Forum into a patcher
  • Using externals (set Max path options)
  • Where are the examples? (inside the application)
  • Max For Live – Use it as a “shell” to give your patches Midi, audio production, recording, automation, etc.,
  • vignettes


Choose one of the Internet Sensors Projects and get it running. Tweak it to make it do something else, improve usability, or connect to another process.

Alternative: Design a Max interface to something outside of Max.