Using wind forecast data to generate wind sounds with Pd

This project receives wind data from the U.S. Coastal Observing Research and Development Center (CORDC) at Scripps Institute of Oceanography  the API

It uses the data to set the ‘wind speed’ of Andy Farnell’s wind sound patches from “Designing Sound”

Error 4/26/2014

Getting a parsing error on the ruby script. Will be debugging shortly!

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The http: requests are managed by a ruby server script and sent via OSC to Pure Data.

Two of Andy Farnell’s patches are also running (with very slight mods): wind4a.pd, and thunder4a.pd

From pd, you can select which city to get data from, and control the rate at which the data is replayed from the ruby server. The forecast cycle is about 3 days long.

From the pd patch you can select the rate of data playback, and select which city to use for data (Santa Cruz or San Diego).

Note: the wind speed expected by Andy Farnell’s wind patch is between 0 and about 0.7


folder: pd-weather


main Pd patches
  • wind-open-machine.pd
  • thunder4a.pd
  • wind4a.pd
pd abstractions

designingSound/ folder:

Add this folder to the path list in Pd before the system files because the distance.pd abstraction has the same name as a system file used for map distances.

  • distance.pd
  • fcpan.pd
  • strike-pattern.pd
  • strike-sound.pd
  • udly.pd
  • wind-open-forecast.rb
required gems include:
  • osc-ruby
  • patron
  • json


  • none required


1. Open all three pd patches
  • wind-open-machine.pd
  • thunder4a.pd
  • wind4a.pd
2. Turn audio on
3. start the ruby script from a terminal window by typing

(NOTE: Sometimes the ruby script will time-out when you first launch it. Just run it again.)

4. You can tweak various parameters to scale the effect of the wind data on the sounds

revision history


currently getting this error in the ruby server – need to rewrite:

  • update 3-25-2013 If you are running this  project and getting errors from the ruby script –   CORDC is not producing wind data – so please use this workaround – which uses the API