An API factory.

Happened to look at again today. Its grown considerably over the past year and now provides access to over 1300 API’s with open source client libraries and Oauth proxies.

Mashape is an API of API’s – a layer of abstraction that standardizes how you consume API’s.

Instructions for using the API:

Here’s an example of a typical API call which gets the weather in San Francisco. Note I have obscured the API-key.

curl -H "X-Mashape-Authorization: YOUR-MASHAPE-KEY" ""

Here’s the result:

[{"day_of_week":"Wed","high":"63","low":"47","condition":"Mostly Clear"},{"day_of_week":"Thu","high":"66","low":"50","condition":"Partly Cloudy"}]

[Note] examples in tkzic/mashape

The API description pages have curl examples.