Converting car engine sounds from Pd to Max

From “Designing Sound” By Andy Farnell

Update 6/2014: This project is at:

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Yesterday I converted Andy Farnell’s car engine patch into Max. Some general suggestions about Pd to Max conversion:

  • You can save the Pd patch as a .pat file and load it into Max
  • [pow] object inlets reversed
  • look at translations from previous post for common objects – more on this later
  • I wrote a translation for [vd~] – more on that later…
  • In Pd all numbers are floats – so any non-signal objects in Max need to be explicitly set to float.
  • I am working to come up with a set of diagnostic tools in Pd for reading for probing into signal path, when debugging conversions.
  • the Pd [inlet~] does an implicit conversion from float to signal. In Max, you need to use [sig~]

The patches are currently in my tkzic/Pd folder. Will be moving them into a specialized folder for Andy Farnell stuff.