Gqrx SDR with Max Mac OS

Notes gqrx – piping I/Q audio stream into Max

Update: This method has limitations – see below. It is an alternative to CubicSDR. But not as robust especially with audio streaming. There is something wrong with the  I/Q output from gqrx. Can’t get a consistent set of signals across the band. Information here on adding hardware drivers.

Install gqrx with macports:

sudo port install gqrx

Install gtelnet with macports (Mac OS has jettisoned telnet)

sudo port install inetutils

Here’s a list of telnet commands that work with gqrx:

For some reason gqrx not accepting ivp4 addresses. Need to telnet the frequency commands using this:

gtelnet ::ffff: 7356

actually this netcat command works too. Make sure to use double quotes:

echo “F 7015000” | nc -w 1 ::ffff: 7356

In gqrx, select the I/Q demodulator and set the audio output to blackhole 2ch

For some reason, you can’t set the audio output sr to anything other than 48 KHz. This is apparently a feature. So the I/Q output bandwidth is limited, therefore no Wide band FM.

Unfortunately UDP audio streaming is limited to 1 channel, so no chance of I/Q streaming: