IQ file and stream converters for SDR

Notes on streaming IQ data

Looking for an alternative to CubicSDR that would provide soapySDR library support, and backend frequency control without at GUI



convert rtlsdr to sdr-sharp:

demod (demodulate IQ streams)

rust-airspy  (get stream from airspy)

andres vahter blog:

rtl_tcp -a

rtl_fm can also output raw signed 16 bit IQ data. – as in this example from vahter’s blog: rtl_fm -f 437.505M -M raw –s 1024000r 22050 | doppler -tle “ESTCUBE 1” cubesat.txt | demod -M fm -deviation 3.5k | multimon-ng -t raw -a FSK9600 /dev/stdin

liquid-dsp c sdr dsp lib :

sv3exp – interesting experiment with piping iq data in linux command line:

ha7ilm csdr (command line sdr processor)

**sdrplay rtl_tcp fork

cloud-sdr internet streaming: cloud-sdr also looks to be out of business.


interesting post about requests for command line cubicsdr and related :

rx tools (an update of some of the rtl stuff using soapysdr

rx_tools, in theory, is a good prospect, but the code is several years out of date, gives errors on devices, is unsupported – just doesn’t work yet.

There are many good examples of IQ streaming with rtl_fm and rtl_tcp, but of course they only suppport rtlsdr.


pothos sdr : flowgraph

**luaradio – similar to gnu-radio and looks like will run with macports: This is a flowgraph language like Gnu-radio. But its lightweight. If the device support is ok, then it looks like there are flowgraph modules that would allow tcp data in/out as well as audio. This is primarily a linux app – but if you ran it on r-pi it could make a good front end for a lot of devices. Also it may run in Mac OS with some audio tweaks. ie., portaudio and pulseaudio.

**sdrGlut this app runs on mac os and streams iq – I was not able to find a method of external frequency control. It may be added in future releases as this app is in active current development.  Also it runs sdrplay rspdx.

**gnu-radio: Well supported and active development. Not sure about device support for common hobbyist radios like sdrplay, airspyhf, etc.,  gnu-radio:

**worst-case scenario. Actually build something with soapy-sdr, hamlib, and csdr.


**PLSDR – some nice theory here:

**IQ data for dummies: