Amoeba Dance

By Memo Atken at The Mega Super Awesome Visuals Company

“It’s basically a vertex shader, so can’t be used as a pixelshader in vvvv, but could be used as a vertex shader in vvvv. You would have to convert the code from GLSL to HLSL though. The GLSL code is on my site (link above), but actually if you need HLSL you can find loads of similar radial distortion samples on the web (Alex has links to a few more superior radial deformations on his blog, again link above).

In this video the GLSL is simply deforming the sphere and rendering with a very basic flat shading, it’s VDMX which is doing the audio analysis and animating the parameters of the GLSL shader… and taking the flat rendered sphere and applying quite a bit of post effects to get this look.”