ep-413 DSP – week 2

Ways to approach a project:

Make machines that make art

Twitter streaming example:




Infinite Jukebox by Paul Lamere at The Echo Nest


Reverse engineering

Designing Sound

By Andy Farnell http://aspress.co.uk/sd/index.php

automax https://github.com/tkzic/automax

Use the wrong tools

Ok-Go https://reactivemusic.net/?p=7971

Luke Dubois: http://lukedubois.com

Abstraction and destruction

Picasso: http://www.slideshare.net/sotos1/pablo-picasso-bulls-111


David Tinapple: https://reactivemusic.net/?p=7537

Do something backwards, extreme or opposite

Connect two things

Orange Plantation Lego

From an Interview of Mike Will At Bloomberg Business Week by Devin Leonard


“(Mike) WiLL didn’t know Cyrus, but (Peter) Edge did. She was signed to RCA. WiLL talked her into recording We Can’t Stop, coaching her through it. “I was like, ‘Yo, use that country twang,’ ” WiLL recalls. “ ‘I hear it, but you are trying to hide it.’ So she started using her country twang. That made it all-the-way dope.”

 Processing sound with pictures in Max/MSP by Tadej Droljc:



I’m thinking of something: http://imthinkingofsomething.com

auctioneer: https://reactivemusic.net/?p=7140

politician: http://digg.com/video/guitarist-plays-along-to-sobbing-japanese-politician

 Ask questions

Google: http://google.com


Go to the future. Make music. Bring it back to the present.

It should be a very short piece or an excerpt. Less than two minutes. It can be a remix of a song that you believe represents a future direction in music. Near future or distant future – your choice. Use any tools to create the music.

The result: audio or a live performance in class

Due: in class on Sept. 29