build M4L devices using Max help patches

Edit Max help files to build M4L devices

An audio pitch transposer made from [gizmo~]


folder: gizmo

device: gizmo-mod-example.amxd


  • drag gizmo-mod-example.amxd file into an audio track
  • use dial to pitch-shift audio

Leap Motion version

If you have access to a leap motion sensor, here is the same device using hand gestures to control the pitch.

device: gizmo-thing-700.amxd

externals and dependencies

Uses the aka.leapmotion external – which needs to be in your Max file path. Download from here:


  • plug in a Leap Motion sensor
  • drag gizmo-mod-700.amxd file into an audio track
  • Click the toggle to start reading Leap Motion data
  • Wave your hands around to pitch-shift audio

general suggestions

for converting Max help files to Max for Live devices:

  • Replace UI objects with Live versions. For example, toggle becomes live.toggle
  • Replace audio inputs/outputs with plugin~/plugout~
  • Select UI objects for presentation mode
  • In patch inspector, set the patch to open in presentation mode
  • In UI object inspectors, change default Scripting names to allow automation. “Long Name” is the name used by Live for automation