updates to audioGraph for iOS 7

Submitted an update (1.2) to Apple for audioGraph today.

Mostly bug fixes:

  • screen size issues in iPod touch 5g
  • missing icon files for retina
  • fixed crash on load
  • made play buttons more visible for triggering samples
  • solved no root view controller error
  • new splash screen for iPod touch 5g
  • etc.,
  • fixed sync issues with github and Xcode

The upgrade to App store is 1.2 but the github version is at 1.3 – as there were a few incidental issues that didn’t get in the submission.

Next release should deal with these issues:

Version 2 should have automatic reference counting and make use of new NSNotification method of handing delegates.

I would like to leave the current version alone and start a new project from scratch – because the iOS dev process has changed greatly in 3 years.

Note: current local source code is in tkzic/coreaudio/audioGraph1.3

github is: https://github.com/tkzic/audiograph