ep-4yy13 DSP – week 5

transforming music into music



  • Solving problems
  • Exploration
  • Stories


Mystery field recording: (email to me this week)

  • Record a very short sound clip (less than 15 seconds)
  • It should be something that you hear, not something you produce – for example, a fire-truck, a refrigerator, the wind…
  • Please don’t tell me where the sound came from. We will try to guess. When you send the file, just have your name on it. For example: field-recoding-keithMoon.mp3
  • Alternative: Record an impulse response in an interesting space. We will try to guess the space. The impulse can be anything, for example: hand clap, yelling “hello”, a trumpet.
  • Extra credit – transcribe your recorded event. For example, what chord or rhythms do the machines in a coffee shop produce?
  • Email a link or attachment to: tzicarelli@berklee.edu

Composition: Sound-byte (due March 17th)

  • The sound-byte is a short audio clip of speech.
  • The speech can come from anywhere. Something familiar, something famous, something unusual.
  • Every sound in the composition is derived only from the sound-byte. You can use any tool or method.
  • The sound-byte in its original form should occur somewhere in the piece
  • Duration: roughly 2-3 minutes?  That is up to you.

Music from the future:

Please send me a link to your future music piece – sometime before the end of the semester