Month: October 2013

ep-3xx41 Max – week 5

Video and Graphics

Jitter and Vizzie
  • 3 part Youtube vizzie tutorial:
  • Max Help: jitter tutorials

Max patches

  • vizzie class example
  • vizzie desktop capture (2)
  • nano controller
  • green screen 1
  • syphon
  • cornerpin test
  • connecting jitter to vizzie
  • recording audio with jit.vcr
  • abstractions of vizzie modules (vz.brcosr)
  • abstraction
  • bpatcher
  • print, message object right inlet
  • Max window
  • Presentation mode
  • OSC
  • Serial
  • attrui
  • clippings
  • prototypes

Useful things to know

  • Pasting patches from the c74 Forum into a patcher
  • Using externals (set Max path options)
  • Where are the examples? (inside the application)
  • Max For Live – Use it as a “shell” to give your patches Midi, audio production, recording, automation, etc.,
  • vignettes


Connect one of the projects you have already written to a patch that generates video, using Vizzie or jitter.

For example:

  • connect a control panel to a video effects processor
  • use the built-in camera to modulate audio (instant soundtrack)
  • use audio to modulate video (instant visualization)
 Extra credit: prototype an etch-a-sketch (hint: use lcd object help file)

ep-4xx13 DSP – week 5

Reverse Engineering, Prototyping, Portfolios


  • Connor’s web site:
  • Eren’s video:


  • Double Degrader (Eren’s idea)
  • Leap Motion prototypes



  • The sound-byte is a short audio clip of speech
  • Everything in the piece is derived from the sound-byte
  • The sound-byte in its original form should occur somewhere in the piece
  • Duration: roughly 2-3 minutes?
  • Submit a ‘draft’ version for next week – then we will revise over next 2 weeks.

How to get Youtube video into Max (jitter) using Syphon and Quartz

This method doesn’t work. Check out this link for a better way 5/2014

Original post…

[another update – having issues with video noise in the quartz viewer 12/2013 – have tried various obvious things without success – overall this is kind of a kluge anyway]

An update to previous post

1. Read this post about QC + syphon

Have installed this plugin with Quartz Composer

Now have installed a Syphon server example in quartz with a youtube video. Load this file:

tkzic/quartz/GoGe WebKit RC3/Example Patches/GoGe Players/Webkit Stuff/SimpleBrowser syphon.qtz

Then run the client example Max help file from Syphon:

tkzic/syphon/Max 6 Help/

You will need to add the folder with the syphon externals to your max file path – in my case: