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Cosm with Max

update 6/2014: Cosm is now Xively. Have not re-tested examples below. There is a working Twitter example at internet sensors projects: http://reactivemusic.net/?p=5859

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Today I was finally able to get this working. Reading a Cosm (Pachube) feed from curl and from Max. Here is an example that works in curl: (replace API-KEY with actual key)

curl http://api.cosm.com/v2/feeds/76490/datastreams/Power.xml?key=API-KEY

You can get JSON responses by leaving off the .xml extension or replacing it with .json

Its critical to use “key=…” not “X-ApiKey=…” like in the cosm documentation, or you will get permission errors from curl and Max.

I was also able to get the Max project called “pachube report” from Nicholas Marechal to work (requires jasch and cnmat externals)


This patch uses the typical jit.uldl and jit.textfile objects and some regexp parsing tricks.

Next trick will be creating a feed and sending it to Cosm.