controlling Parrot AR drone2 with Max

5/2014: see latest version here:

update – Got the drone today and ran successful test of takeoff, rotate, and land. Next thing to check out is how to get the drone on an existing wifi network…

To work with a WPA network requires installing a patch to the drone.

One workaround for school networks would be to use 2 computers, one for the interenet – one for the drone – and then connect them with midi or something.

This is a work in progress. Going to use the node.js code from the Irish train project for the OSC communication with Max.

First, install ar-drone

$ npm install ar-drone

Here’s the generic Max <=> node.js code using OSC. It handles OSC commands bidirectionally.

  • internetsensors/generic-node-OSC.js
  • internetsensors/generic-node-OSC.maxpat
Next step is to plug in the basic drone commands like takeoff and land from the example code.

Here’s the initial drone testing code

  • internetsensors/drone-test1.js
  • internetsensors/drone-test-max1.maxpat