“Strongly-timed, Concurrent, and On-the-fly music programming language.”

At Princeton


Stanford Laptop Orchestra on ABC 7 News –

I highly recommend checking out this lecture if you have time. I
found it interesting.

“Lecture by Ge Wang for the Stanford University Human-Computer
Interaction Seminar (CS 547). In the first part of this talk, Ge
presents the design, philosophy, and development of ChucK, a computer
music programming language intending to provide a different approach,
expressiveness, and thinking with respect to time and parallelism in
audio programming – as well as a platform for precise and rapid
experimentation. In the second part of this presentation, Ge describes
his adventures with the “laptop orchestra”: a new type of large-scale,
computer-mediated music ensemble.”

from this lecture, look up PLORK, audicle, chuck chuck rocket, gamelon, spherical speakers, dan trueman

Also here is an app to do live coding:

Thanks to JosephZ for researching these topics.