Month: October 2013

ep-4xx13 DSP – week 4



  • fft-tz.maxpat: demonstrates fft transform to the frequency domain. Also a puzzling bit of complex multiplication in the time domain.
  • fplanet-tz.maxpat: hacked version of forbidden-planet example which uses granular indexing to do spectral convolution and make spaceship sounds. To use patch:
    •  turn on audio,
    • then press message boxes inside the green panel
  • fp-fft-tz.maxpat: pfft~ subpatch for above
  • fourierfilter (folder) containing fourierfiltertest.maxpat: Katja Vetter’s complex spectral filter example
download all examples here:
[wpdm_file id=9]



Become a signal. Have an out of body experience. Take a good look at yourself.

ep-3xx41 Max – week 4

Building a digital sampler


Max patches demonstrated in class

  • sampler-341.a.maxpat – the sampler we built in class
snippets of code that were used in the sampler
  • sampler-2d.phasor-mod.maxpat –
  • sampler-file-waveform-mod.maxpat
  • sampler-groove-module.maxpat
  • sampler-record-mod.maxpat
  • sampler-selector.maxpat
  • sampler-sfplay-mod.maxpat
A link to download all of the patches
[wpdm_file id=8]

Topics not covered…

  • abstraction
  • bpatcher
  • print, message object right inlet
  • Max window
  • Presentation mode
  • OSC
  • Serial
  • attrui
  • clippings
  • prototypes

Useful things to know

  • Pasting patches from the c74 Forum into a patcher
  • Using externals (set Max path options)
  • Where are the examples? (inside the application)
  • Max For Live – Use it as a “shell” to give your patches Midi, audio production, recording, automation, etc.,
  • vignettes


Continue to write a patch that sounds bad. Due next week. Just bring patch to class. Alternative or bonus: Design a digital sampling alarm clock.