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Audio input with WebPd

An adc~ object for Sébastien Piquemal’s WebPd.


Try the demo (pictured above) in desktop Chrome at: http://zerokidz.com/demos/sound-check-adc/sound-check.html. The browser will ask for access to the microphone. The slider controls mic volume.

Notes on adc~ object:

**adc~** (web audio input) – Only works on Chrome desktop – partially complete. Uses 1 channel currently and no inlets on the object. This was kind of a hack. The input stream connects to a scriptNode that copies samples to a circular buffer. The scriptNode connects to a gainNode with gain value of zero, which connects to context.destination. This was the only way I could get WebAudio to pull the stream through the scriptNode.

Latency is about 3000 samples in addition to existing latency. If we find a more efficent way to buffer the samples than the hack described above…

Notes on local files 8/26/2014

After modifying any of the .js files in /lib folder, you need to re-run the ‘grunt build’ from the root folder. Then copy webpd-latest.js from /dist to the /js folder in /demos or wherever your application resides.

gibberface web audio

interface.js user interface plus gibberish.js audio engine.

By Charlie Roberts


Audio example of XY controller to contol pitch and pulsewidth of oscillators (pictured above).

Local clone: tkzic/gibberface – WIth a local web server running in tkzic. Here is a typical URL for testing:

WordPress web audio test

Javascript code for a sine wave oscillator using the web audio API – embedded in this post.

This also works in mobile Safari in iOS 7. If the “stop” button doesn’t work, try reloading the page in the browser.”

Warning: The WordPress visual editor will break this code.