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Audio from Video

Using video to generate audio.

jit.peek~ outputs an audio signal from video matrix data.

(jit.peek~ help)

from cycling74.com

At any point in the the process, matrix data can be tapped to produce an audio signal. Analyzing video is very much like analyzing audio. For example, using envelope following and spectral analysis. Here are examples.


1. jit.peek~-additivesynth.maxpat (in Max/MSP examples/jitter-examples/audio)

Draw a song

By Adam Florin and Joshua Kit Clayton

2. Frame subtraction

By Adam Rokshar


3. Sound Emotion2 – using Macbook built-in camera

By Andreas Wittich


4. jit.peek~-osctrack.maxpat (in Max/MSP examples/jitter-examples/audio)

Derives rhythmic audio data from video. (Using bball.mov)

By cycling74.com

5. Whispering Heights (in Max/MSP examples/jitter-examples/3rd-party/image-to-spectral-filter/whispering_heights.maxpat)

Similar to above but uses video to create a moving spectral filter.

6. Wolframatic.maxpat  (in Max/MSP examples/jitter-examples/other/Wolframatic/)

Fractal generator also generates audio.

By R. Luke Dubois


Pd signal streaming objects

Use streamout~ and streamin~ to stream audio over a local network

The ‘help file’ for streamout~ has an example. Change ‘localhost’ in the connect message to the local IP address of the target.

Spin Semiconductor fv-1

 Inexpensive programmable DSP chip


Catalog of free open source example programs:



The Undersea Internet

 Underwater ultrasonic mesh networks by Subnero

from docsity.com



Field recordings.

By Jim Cummings at Acoustic Ecology


Loudest Soundsystem In The World

The Large European Acoustic Facility (LEAF) in the Netherlands



Tape deck sample playback simulation

By Mark Durham at Sound Design with Max


Impulse response toolbox

By Alex Harker


Also check out the complete set of HISSTools.  With convolution, sample accurate timing, granular synthesis, and more.



Acouspade™ Speaker with focus

Audio modulated ultrasonic carrier.




line-in app allows Mac OS audio input echoing