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Style plugins

Just changed the WordPress theme to required+ foundation. This page is an experiment.

Also edited header.php to increase css padding for the title, and removed search box from header because it wasn’t functioning…

note: 6/21/2014: header.php is in the “themes” folder. ¬†Also, today I eliminated the title and subtitle from ‘posts’ pages and when you are logged in the navigation bar slightly overlaps the ‘login’ bar – at the top of screen.

plugin and theme documentation:


Try hovering over the next line…


[tooltip position=”top” title=”What goes in the tool tip”]Text that has a tip[/tooltip]



[column columns=4]hello this is going to be in a column and because of that I need to think of something to say.[/column][column columns=8]there you are going up and down and to and fro but you aren’t going to be able to break out of this column grid without using a short code.[/column]



Lead Paragraph



Panel callout

[reveal link=”push this button” linkclass=”button radius alert”]

Wow, you pressed a button.

[=reveal link=”push another button” linkclass=”button radius secondary”]

You pressed another button?

[=/reveal] [/reveal]


Keyboard command

[alert type=success]Success[/alert]

Cite – an example of the orbit photo viewer:




WordPress Download-Manager plugin


After much frustration having Mac OS add txt file extensions Max patch files during downloads, I installed the WordPress download manager plugin which provides a download button in posts. Like this one.


To set up a download you select the File Manager from the dashboard and create a post that references the download. Since this is the free version it is featureless.

Note: the Max patches still need to be compressed as zip files to fool Mac OS, but they automatically decompress into folders after the download.

Have set up a folder called downloads on this server under zerokidz

How to add a random post button in WordPress

by teachyourselfwebsites.com

I used this method to add a “random post” to this site. I didn’t create a child theme. So it will break when the theme gets updated.


4/24/2016 note:

Here are some details. You need to create a new file inside the theme called page-random.php based on the original page.php.

the added code looks like this and goes right before get_header():


/* Template Name: Random Post */

$randomPost = get_posts(array(
 'numberposts' => 1,
 'orderby' => 'rand'
foreach ($randomPost as $post) {

Soundcloud short-codes

This code comes from clicking the Share button on the SoundCloud clip, then using the “WordPress Code”

If you find old-style SoundCloud post on a 3rd party site, you may need to get the ’embed’ code and then add it to your post, using the html editor



test of WordPress text-expander plugin

Following this line, is some text to expand…

It uses shortcodes for the formatting…

[ expand title ]
[ /expand ]



Here is a Max patch in compressed text format. Enclose it in <pre> </pre> tags