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Rainmaker Launchpad sequencer in Max for Live

A sequencer that works like Tetris.

by Avery Rossow


  • press the User2 button to activate.
  • You’ll need a midi drum kit in the track
  • transport needs to be on
  • if the bottom button is red, then note is triggered once – if gets green then it loops
  • when you press one of the upper 7 buttons, the note starts falling, when it hits the bottom row, it plays

Cool matrixing in the sub-patches…

local file: Live set is in tkzic/max teaching examples/rainmaker-thing



Using multiple Midi channels per track with Max for Live


Apparently there is a limitation on sending more than one Midi channel from a track


This presents an issue for receiving osc and splitting it to various instruments…

(update) What I’ve been trying to do is set up a generalized way to trigger midi from web data. Currently getting the web data via processing, sending OSC messages to max for live (or max).

Once the OSC gets to m4l, I use an m4l device in a track which receives all the osc messages then sends them off on new upd ports using [updsend] – for example a separate port for what would normally be a separate midi channel.

Then I have another m4l receiver which you can set the appropriate port number to get the channelized data stream and scale it to midi notes.

[edit – need link to sample live set]

update – the “internet sensors” project shows some easier ways to do the translation of internet API to OSC”