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max-for-live-projects index

A collection of experiments using Max for Live.

Each project is in a separate folder. Several projects require additional external objects or dependencies. You will find helpful instructions by clicking links next to the project names below.


max-for-live-projects on Github: https://github.com/tkzic/max-for-live-projects

Runs in Live 9 and Max 6.1, on Mac OS 10.9


ep-3xx41 Max – week 9

Max For Live

  • We had to abandon the Max For Live demo because of technical issues


Examples of sound logos:

Assignment: Synopsis

Write a very short composition or sound logo based on a synopsis of a movie, tv show, or product in City Shopper* – For example:

  • “A sheriff and deputy try to rid their town of thugs”
  • “An evil doll and its mate seek human form”
  • “Stewie looks into his future”
  • “National Aviation Academy: training aviation professionals since 1932”
Use Max For Live device(s) that you have designed or modified.
*You can use an alternate source. For example, write a composition for a product or film that you are trying to promote – As long as you can describe that product in one sentence.
Extra Credit: Perform the music using a controller that works with a Max For Live device.
Due on November 25.

Max For Live randomizers

[update 9/13/2013]

The c74 “Max For Live Essentials” pack contains a “device randomizer”. Located in Max Audio Effect | Control Devices.

It works in Auto or Trigger mode. And it automatically maps the entire device.

Other randomizers…


an earlier version


Another one:



Max for Live Pluggo abstractions

By Cycling74

Max/MSP folder: applications/max6.1/patches/m4l-patches/Pluggo for Live Resources/patches

Here you will find things like pluggo.randomPreset that gets called with sends/receives in the Pluggo patches. A challenge will be how to randomize ‘any’ params in any patch?  Without knowing the ranges?


Programming Max For Live devices

By Cycling 74

(by video number in the Youtube series)
  1. overview/intro
  2. * a way to show how many midi notes are being played, using [borax] and build a list of them using [bag]
  3.  how to sync a [phasor~] signal to the Live transport (1 bar)
  4.  transport controlled velocity step sequencer.
  5.  making a midi instrument
  6.  ADSR control of midi instrument
  7. *  filterning with sync to get dubstep bass
  8.  working with buffer~ and samples, and drop
  9. *  [poly~] polyphonic synth : http://cycling74.com/download/polysynthset.zip
  10. * live API and remote (to control external devices) and live.step, with [phasor~] control
  11. * parameter sequencer