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Max audio visualization

In Max examples under jitter-examples/audio, are examples of cool things you can do to make audio visualizations. The example patches can be used by just feeding in some audio from another patch.

The above and below pictures were made from jit.gl.nurbs-audiorender-tz and tz-synth-4.2-visual or something like that –

Note: Local files are in  the Max teaching examples/tz examples folder.

try the last presets… the presets in the jitter patch don’t restore the graphics that were happening when they are saved. I think because the settings need to be restored in a particular order – but you’ll get the idea anyway.



Jitter OpenGL to 3d printer?

update 6/2014: This patch seems to be broken. Christopher Konopka is actively working on setting up a process to 3d print OpenGL objects – based on the work described below. Stay tuned…

original post

Look near the end of this thread for patch that exports jit.gl stuff?…


I tried out the following patch, from the thread and it creates an export file which can be imported into mesh lab. The patch name is saveashape.maxpat

[note] I think this was saved on a windows machine – can’t find the local instance of it as of 12/2013

Btw., this google search finds some very cool projects: max/msp jitter “3d printer”

open GL 3d printing in windows…