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How to get Youtube video into Max (jitter) using Syphon and Quartz

This method doesn’t work. Check out this link for a better way 5/2014


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[another update – having issues with video noise in the quartz viewer 12/2013 – have tried various obvious things without success – overall this is kind of a kluge anyway]

An update to previous post

1. Read this post about QC + syphon


Have installed this plugin with Quartz Composer


Now have installed a Syphon server example in quartz with a youtube video. Load this file:

tkzic/quartz/GoGe WebKit RC3/Example Patches/GoGe Players/Webkit Stuff/SimpleBrowser syphon.qtz

Then run the client example Max help file from Syphon:

tkzic/syphon/Max 6 Help/jit.gl.syphonclient.maxhelp

You will need to add the folder with the syphon externals to your max file path – in my case:



Adam Rokhsar’s Max frame subtraction example

Uses video frame subtraction in jitter to control playback of audio clip.



folder: frame-subtraction

patch: frameSubtraction_example.maxpat

You will also need an audio file: aiff, wav, etc., to load into a Max buffer.


You will also need the cv.jit library (computer vision): http://jmpelletier.com/cvjit/

Add the location of these files to your path in Max using Options | File Preferences.

Note: When I loaded the patch in Mac OS 10.8 – the computer automatically downloaded and installed Java updates.


  • Load an audio file for playback
  • Try setting minimum summed pixels to 150,000 or less for greater effect – depending on amount of light in the room