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raspberry pi – external sound card sucess

Installed a Griffin iMic USB sound card on Raspberry Pi today.

Here’s how:

  • plug in imic
  • Edit alsa  config file so that imic is default sound cart
  • test


For editing alsa, follow instructions at beginning of this post for editing /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf 

But you can stop following the instructions after the first reboot.


For testing, use this command:

sudo aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav





Arduino INPUT_PULLUP mode


When reading the value of a switch with Arduino, its useful to set the INPUT_PULLUP mode so you don’t need to use an external pullup resistor. By the way, the internal pull-up resistor is 20K ohms.

See this tutorial:


If its not clear what a pull-up resistor does,  read the links on this forum post.


Everybody has their own way to explain it. I would say that when the switch is open, the pull-up resistor weakly pulls the logic value high, so you don’t get random signal readings.


Netgear Universal Wifi Adapter WNCE2001

This device works as a bridge to allow devices that have ethernet but not wifi, to become wifi devices.

To access the config page, hook up an ethernet cable, and goto: www.mywifiext.com

Here’s more documentation:


This device allows wifi access using the Arduino Ethernet Shield. This is currently the easiest solution for using touch-OSC.


Raspberry Pi running Pure Data

example video


PD extended…


and this update


Running PD on a headless RP


Here’s a comprehensive install script for PD-extendended from 9/2012


and another